One way to aid your success in college is to stay organized.  The “to-do list” is a great way to stay on top of appointments, due dates for homework and other class-related  assignments or to keep up with important information for papers, classwork, or other stuff you don’t want to forget or lose that you will need at a later time.  The problem, of course, is remembering where you put that list when you need it.  Worry no more; if you have an iPhone, an iPod touch, or an iPad, there’s an app for that. 

The one I use and LOVE for its simplicity is called Workflowy.  You can quickly take notes, make lists, collaborate, brainstorm, and plan.  Being able to store it on the Web rather than on pieces of paper, which I can never seem to locate, or on your computer [I also can rarely remember where I stored them.], and you can access your information quickly and easily.  You’ll be able to remember where it is and open it on your computer.  Even better, you can get an app for your Apple devices so it is MOBILE.  I hate complicated apps and organization programs because it takes more time to learn how to use them than I have to devote to it.  Not with workflowly. Try it and see if it can make your life easier. Did I mention it’s FREE.  You can buy a more powerful version if you think you need more out of the app/website.

The one disadvantage of workflowy is that you can’t set reminders to notify you when something is due.  But there is another free app that will do that for you too. If you need and/or want reminders for your to do list, you will want to use 3do, a reminder app available from the iPhone app store. This app is all about reminders–perfect if you have a hard time remembering when things are due or are always late for your appointments, or forget them altogether.

Another very popular organization app is reQall. With this app you can record your to-do lists, shopping lists, and any other tasks.  Note I said record, which makes it easier and quicker to complete your lists.  Tasks can be grouped by due dates and organized into categories [e.g. school, work, personal], and you can share reminders with friends and family if you have a wireless connection.  You can choose how to receive your reminders: email, text, or push reminders.  An added advantage is that you can link the app to your Outlook or Google calendar.

If you are constantly forgetting important appointments or losing important information [the notes you took for your research paper or group project for example], give one of these apps a try.  If you would like some human help with time management skills, make an appointment to meet with me in the Academic Support Center in Memorial Library.